Coffin nails, and the closely related..

According to the online magazine, Mashable, there is a nail type for everybody today. Coffin nails, and the closely related, though not identical stiletto nails, are more popular with edgier crowds. Currently, icons like Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora are leading the charge and making this variety of nails more popular among easily-influenced youth audiences.
Right now, the coffin nail isn’t the dominant form of long nail art. Many women still opt for the more conservative, rounded almond nail. However, trend watchers expect this to change substantially in the future. According to celebrity nail artist Miss Pop, the future of coffin nails is going to look very different to the past. Coffin nails, she says, will become more rounded at the end.
The so called “ballerina file” coffin nail will be a compromise for women who want a halfway house between conservative present-day almond nails and their edgier coffin-style brethren. The great thing about trying out new nail styles, Pop says, is that there is no insecurity about body image or the way women look like there is with wearing a particular dress or getting a new haircut. Women are free to experiment with coffin nails in a way that they are not with other fashion choices.
Why Choose Coffin Nails?
Aug 25, 2017