Beautiful 30+ Coffin Nails - The modern drive towards nail art

The modern drive towards nail art, however, arrived with the beginnings of celebrity culture in the 20th century. Style icons like Marilyn Monroe began experimenting with different nail types, inspiring generations of women to try new nail art for themselves. To start, the styles were relatively conservative, but as each generation of celebrity tried to outdo the last, different styles were invented. Much of the modern proliferation of nail types, including coffin nails, is thanks to the innovation of artists like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner.
According to nail art historian Suzanne Shapiro, nail art has gone through several revolutions since the advent of the twentieth century. Beginning in the late 1920s, following the collapse of the global economy with the Wall Street Crash, nail art became a relatively cheap way to maintain a sense of luxury, despite falling incomes. Back then, famous celebrities including Joan Crawford experimented with sharp, pointed styles - the progenitors of modern coffin nails.

Why Choose Coffin Nails?

Most women know about coffin nail treatments, but they don’t appreciate the reasons for choosing them. Simply being available isn’t enough, and you should understand the reasons for choosing this option over the alternatives. Here are some of the key selling points that you won’t want to miss. Once you’ve read and understood them, there’s a good chance they’ll soon be on your shortlist.

Above all else, any nail treatment you choose should leave your hands looking beautiful. If you can’t fall in love with the outcome, all other aspects are redundant. When applied by a qualified technician, Coffin will give your nails the desired quality. Your job is to find a design style that suits you. There are literally thousands of options out there. Here are just five winning designs that will leave your fingers (and toes) looking better than ever.

#1. Subtle glam:

Coffin nails using one color offer a professional, relaxed, and beautiful appearance. However, adding a little glitter to the top of those designs can bring them to life without being too dramatic. Purples, pinks, and blues are all great shades for this solution. Whichever route you choose, nails will look great in all situations.

#2. Patterned effect:

Creating patterns has been a popular solution for nail artists for many generations. Coffin nails share many properties with gel nails, which offers great versatility for using multiple colors at once. Whether it’s going for a cheetah print pattern or one with hearts doesn’t matter. Any qualified technician should be ready to create those pieces of art to bring your hands to life.

#3. Candy pink:

The contrast of bold candy pink and white can create truly stunning results for your nails. It could be a basic manicure of pink plates and white ends. Alternatively, you could look at stripes, swirls, or triangle designs. Another option is to reverse the pattern so that some use a white base while others use the pink base. The options are almost endless.

#4. Simple gemstones:

As with the glitter effect, knowing that you can add additional items on top of coffin nails are very beneficial. Choosing a soft pink or white provides a canvas to build artwork upon. Gold, silver, or black strips can be a great way to inject extra energy into the look. A popular method is to do this on either one or two fingers to truly stand out from the crowd.

#5. Seasonal designs:

Given that coffin nails are a temporary measure, they are the perfect option for celebrating special moments in the year. Orange and black nails with depicted images of pumpkins and ghosts can be spectacular at Halloween. Various religious days, birthdays, and sporting events can be great sources of inspiration too.

Beautiful 30+ Coffin Nails

Matte Coffin Nails
Matte Coffin Nails
Orange Coffin nails
Orange Coffin nails
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Aug 25, 2017