French Manicure

Are you more of a traditional girl? Is going goth a bit too edgy for you? If so, don’t worry: there are plenty of other coffin nail styles designed to suit all personality types. One of the most popular is the French manicure. Among all coffin nail styles, the French manicure is a real go-to for women who are just starting out experimenting with the design. You can wear French manicure coffin nails with practically any outfit, including your partner’s thick, woolly hoodie.

French Ombre

Looking for something that’s a step up from a regular French manicure? Then try pairing coffin nails with a French ombre effect. You can wear a French ombre no matter where you are, whether that’s at work, or out for meals in the evening with friends. More French nails on MsMee's collection

Blush Nails With Crystal Details

Coffin nails don’t have to be moody - they can be downright adorable too. Blush nails with crystal detailing transforms coffin nails from their rather dark and sinister vibe into something more friendly and approachable. These nail styles are perfect for meeting new people. Add some crystals too for extra bling.
Aug 25, 2017